trends in the suburbs

related student research

Several students have conducted their major research projects or thesis projects on suburbs-related research. Some of those are available here.

Scott Low. 2016. The Dilemma of Dispersion: Barriers to smart growth and recentralization in Halifax suburbs (pdf 3.7 MB)

Kirk Brewer. 2013. Form without function: Suburban densification trends in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (pdf 7.5 MB)

Andrew Reid. 2013. Regulating form: Comparing public form-based codes in Canada (pdf 4 MB)

Leah Perrin. 2012. Who's your neighbour?: Exploring residents' perspectives of social diversity and interaction in the Canadian suburbs (pdf 2 MB)

Heidi Craswell. 2011. Exploring the concept of health in planning: A case study of suburban Halifax Regional Municipality (pdf 1.2 MB)

Troy Gonzalez. 2010. Sustainability and residential density: Two western Canadian case studies (pdf 1.7 MB)

Daniel Scott. 2010. Going full circle in life: Exploring the social production of housing in rapidly growing Canadian suburbs (pdf 3 MB)

Erika Ivanic. 2008. Greening suburbia? The environmental agenda of new urbanism and smart growth (pdf 6.4 MB)

Daniel MacGregor. 2008. Undergraduate thesis in community design: Change in Fairview (pdf 4.6 MB)

Katherine Perrott. 2007. Selling the suburbs: Exploring representations of social diversity in marketing media in Markham, Ontario (pdf 3.5 MB)

Blake Laven. 2007. Private streets in public neighbourhoods: consequences of townhouse development on neighbourhood connectivity in Surrey, BC (pdf 3.5 MB)

reading the suburbs: Halifax-based student research

Students in the School of Planning at Dalhousie University have undertaken various research projects on local suburbs in the Halifax area as part of their undergraduate course work in Plan 3040/5040 Reading the Suburbs. Some of their work is featured here.

Sandy Mackay. 2016. Marketing the mansion: Representations of gender in suburban advertising (pdf 14.7 MB)

Owen McCabe. 2011. Suburbs fieldtrip report. (pdf 1 MB)

Owen McCabe. 2011. Suburban street patterns in Dartmouth: 1941-2006 (pdf 522 kB)

Jonathan Critchley. 2011. Examining changing street patterns in Bedford, Nova Scotia, 1945 to 2010 (pdf 815 kB) + 1.8 MB Poster

Meaghan Maund. 2011. Exploring suburban marketing techniques for enticing home buyers in Halifax (pdf 110 kB) + 2.6 MB Poster

Kathryn MacKay, Ross Soward, & Matthew Warzecha. 2008. The Hydrostone: Neighbourhood futures report (pdf 1.2 MB)

Andrew Hill, Alexis Miller, Logan McDaid, & Jared Knecht Farn-Guillette. 2008. A community profile: Fairview, Nova Scotia (pdf 7.5 MB)